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  • Training Strategically Aligned to Your Business?

    Build Training Momentum with Alpha.
  • Need Learning Programs to be More Consistent?

    Build Training Momentum with Alpha.
  • Wish Your Training Content was More Diverse?

    Build Training Momentum with Alpha.
  • Need Training Focused on Real-World Skills Development?

    Build Training Momentum with Alpha.

Benefits of Momentum Corporate Training

  • Better training programs without the hassles
  • Makes your training programs more consistent while containing costs
  • We help you reach your goals with ideas on a variety of topics, media, and sources
  • Focused on employee skills to impact the business, not just courses

Momentum Helps You Establish, Build and Define Training Best Practices

We are dedicated to providing quality service to our clients, understanding each client is unique and has individual needs. Our small classroom provides the intimacy with the instructor our clients have grown to love, for outstanding training. There are times when the schedule class may not be what you company is looking for. We will be happy to customize your course to meet your specialized needs. Personal attention is our strength.

Corporate Training Services Tailored to Your Business and Employee Goals

At Alpha Group computer training, we strive to offer the best computer and application training found anywhere. Our small class sizes and onsite availability, combined with experienced instructors allow us to deliver a tailored and hands on approach in a relaxed environment. We offer the latest applications and flexible schedule that keeps our clients coming back.

momentum services

Alpha Computer Training is an independently owned computer-training center focused on providing top of the line instruction and IT support. Servicing Southeastern Massachusetts, we are a division of the Alpha Group Inc. Alpha Computer Training was founded in 1996 to provide additional training resources to our applicants. Shortly after it’s opening, we expanded its services to include training options for both Corporate clients and the general public. Our classes deliver consistent, comprehensive, instruction in the most sought after computer applications. Our training resources help boost skills and increase productivity, instantly!

Momentum Simplifies Corporate Training:

You Us
Identify overall training needs Create a training program to meet your needs and objectives
Define business training objectives Create courses & programs for identified skills development
Match employee candidates with skills development programs Manage course details, curriculum, testing etc.
Define training schedules (onboarding, annual, quarterly etc.) Provide feedback, assessments, and data on overall effectiveness and individual participation
Coordinate internal training participation