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The Facebook changes announced last week at the developers conference, and those in the weeks before, have major implications for the way employers use the site to brand themselves and build relationships with potential candidates and future hires.

Recruiters who now use Facebook exclusively or mostly to push out jobs will become even more marginalized by the increasing emphasis the social site is placing on engagement. Those who actively invest in courting their Facebook “fans,” offering content of value, and real conversations, will reap even greater rewards than they do now, earning their brand a place on user’s forthcoming Timelines, and the ability to broaden and measure their reach as visitors “Share” content with their own FB friends.


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Friday, 23 September 2011 16:31

Recent SHRM Poll: Drug Testing Efficacy

This study conducted by SHRM and commissioned by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Association (DATIA) examines the use of drug testing programs by organizations.  Poll results indicate that more than one-half of employers (57 percent) conduct drug tests on all job candidates. Most employers who use tests on job candidates have done so for seven years or more (69 percent) and 12% have used them for five to six years.

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There are over fifteen different definitions of “Orientation” according to Wikipedia. If there are that many definitions of the word, you can only imagine how many different ways there are for employers to handle new hire employee orientation. There is no “one size fits all” way to orient new employees; however, doing it

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Interesting stats to consider for HR executives and managers.

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