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Business professional with experience in managing day-to-day activities of a distribution. He possess direct experience in managing various departments such as customer service, purchasing and warehouse as well as strong accounts receivable background. Dedicated and experienced business professional in distribution, including 15 years as Operations Manager with a strong background in customer service, inventory control, expense budgeting, as well as warehouse logistics. He successfully managed $4M operating expense budget for two branch locations, while maintaining balance of superior customer satisfaction and company cost objectives. He manages with a dedicated hands-on approach. He maintains close and positive relationships with customers.
Friday, 27 January 2012 17:52

Very Professional Executive Level Administrator

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Hard working professional executive level administrative experience combined with extensive experience in company management. Extremely professional, dependable and able to lead and motivate others. She is experienced at developing processes for organization and monitoring employee compliance to establish policies and practices. She is outstanding at preparing presentations, coordinating trade shows and preparing legal documents. In the past she has provided training to sales and internal staff to implement initiatives and to drive standardization performance objectives.
Friday, 27 January 2012 17:50

Experience Computer Programmer

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More than 25 years of experience writing multi-tasking, real-time, and data communications software programs for embedded processors. Kenneth has written programs in C, C++, 8085 Assembler, 8051 Assembler, 80386 Assembler, and MSVB. He has developed, maintained, and supported an RTU product line in supporting several SCADA protocols. He has extensive experience implementing SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) protocols for electric utility applications.
Experienced writer for senior management teams, public web sites, and internal and external communications. Margie has managed and developed strategic marketing initiatives. She has written and edited system publications, including newsletters, brochures, web copy & other materials including, but not limited to, physicians, employees, executives, and public.
Saturday, 30 July 2011 13:19

Great guy to help right now in your warehouse

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Need a good, young guy to lighten the load in your warehouse facility? (Literally!) The qualified applicant is ready right now to help you with no restrictions, forklift operator capability, and experience with shipping software.
Wednesday, 06 July 2011 13:17

What can't she do to help your company?!

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This great, experienced candidate has over ten years of executive-level support in a corporate environment and is skilled in all aspects of travel planning, both domestic and international. She is a creative, resourceful event planner who is professional, discreet and articulate and qualified for client or customer interaction at all levels. She's even worked as sales professional involved in sourcing and closing sales opportunities!
Friday, 01 July 2011 13:18

An outstanding administrative professional

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This motivated, experienced administrative professional works well with senior level management and possesses proven planning, organizational, and Microsoft Office Skills. She is a dedicated, hard working, outstanding customer service skills, and works well under pressure. Get the support you (or that busy executive) requires to be even more successful!
    This professional is an Operations Manager who aids companies by implementing new procedures, policies, and cost saving techniques. She has budget analysis experience and can help companies save money. She has extremely proficient computer skills including numerous database programs along with MS Office skills. She helps clients by creating innovative solutions and new processes to streamline work and increase overall office efficiencies. She works hands on to dissect office procedures, job descriptions and personnel responsibilities in order to streamline these things most efficiently. Her ability to analyze and interpret data and statistics make her a valuable addition to companies. This professional also has a number of years of hiring and recruiting experience. Her interviewing skills have taught companies how to accurately assess a candidates skills and determine if they are a good match for the company needs. She has excellent writing skills and has put together extensive Standard…
This professional is an experienced Executive Assistant who possess in depth skills providing direct support to high level executives. Her experience includes a year abroad working directly with an Executive Director of a world known hotel chain. During her career she has become proficient with domestic and international travel arraignments, conference scheduling and event coordination. She has excellent organization skills and has successfully managed numerous directors schedules simultaneously. Her software skills are superior and allow her the ability to work efficiently and effectively write memos, documents, and presentations.
  This currently available individual is a well rounded warehouse supervisor with hands on experience in logistics, distribution, and general warehouse management. He has a proven track record of success by creating new and effective cost saving techniques. He has the ability to hire, motivate, and lead a crew of workers. He has strong leadership skills and is someone that people enjoying working for. He leads by example believes in the value of teamwork. In addition he has working knowledge of OSHA safety requirement and has various types of forklift experience. This professional is extremely customer service orientated and believes in exceptional service to generate repeat business.  

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