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This candidate is an experienced communications specialist with proven success within the non-profit sector in event planning and production, public relations, marketing and fundraising. This candidate has proven ability to reach targeted goals under tight deadlines and budgets.  She has exceptional skills in writing and editing, problem solving and managing key partnerships. If you are searching for someone to help your company out with Media Relations or Project Management look no further. 
Candidate A is a take charge, responsible supervisor with results driven experience in the manufacturing environment. He has the ability to contribute ideas and problem solve while meeting and exceeding company goals. A past plant supervisor who ensured that all equipment was in proper working order was actively involved in ensuring that all employees work in a safe environment and that the company was adhering to all local government regulations on health and safety. He was always able to effectively communicate, motivate and train employees in the manufacturing process. If you are looking for a reliable experienced supervisor to help your company succeed candidate A is your guy.
Candidate B is a decorated and highly successful results-driven Operations and Logistics Executive. He has a stellar 15 + year record of advancement and achievement in multiple management roles. He has enhanced and optimized organizations by establishing key balances between human resources, service quality, and profit objectives. He is a consummate leader who builds top caliber teams by fostering utmost staff motivation, morale and development. Applicant B is a versatile leader with many areas of expertise ranging from cost reduction and elimination, logistics and warehouse management and strategic business development. He would be a valuable asset for your company.
Debra is a dedicated individual who thrives on building long lasting business relationships. She aspires to work with the upmost integrity. She is a poised professional with the highest ethical and moral standards dedicated to company success. She has and will exceed customer expectations and requirements. Debra has vast experience in Project Management within the field of information technology with exposure in call center and help desk customer service. Her zest for developing and fostering client, team and vendor relationships is just what every team needs. She would be a great asset to your company.
Monday, 17 November 2014

Skilled Production manager

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Tom Otto is a production manager with over ten years of experience in the manufacturing environment. He’s skilled at lean inventory development, CNC programming and operation and production planning.  In his many years of production management he thoroughly enjoyed looking for new methods to make processes run more efficiently. He was the leader of up to ten employees and made sure all operations came together to improve day to day operations.   Tom is a hard working, loyal manager who would make a great asset to any company. 
Autimes Moore is a highly qualified candidate with experience in many faculties of the administrative field with knowledge of many computer programs including Microsoft office and Quickbooks. She strives on her ability to multitask and meet deadlines head on. Her previous positions in Customer Service had her dealing directly with customers, resolving problems quickly and efficiently. She worked hand in hand with vendors to keep day to day business running smoothly. She has experience in answering multiple line phone systems and routing calls to where they need to go. Past positions have had Autimes in charge of arranging travel arrangements as needed for employees and clients. Autimes has knowledge of payroll procedures and prides herself on her ability to keep information confidential and accurate at all times.  Autimes is looking for an opportunity to join a company who can utilize her skills to the fullest. 
Monday, 20 October 2014

Nathan Morand

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Nathan Morand is a loyal hard working individual with a wide background of valuable experience. He is able to do manual labor including intricate manufacturing work. Nathan Morand also has a strong background with sales and customer service. He has interacted with customers in a professional manner while answering questions and concerns. Nathan Morand is a committed enthusiastic person who is looking to start a career and grow within a company.
Monday, 20 October 2014

Karl Schaeffer

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Karl Schaeffer is a determined worker with a strong background in sales and customer service. He has nearly 8 years of experience interacting with clients to given them a high level of professional service. He has no trepidations about making outgoing sales calls or receiving them. He has extensive experience with assisting clients with a wide variety of issues and concerns. Karl Schaeffer is an intelligent dedicated individual that would make a phenomenal addition to any team.
Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Leszek Kulczyk

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Les is a Mechanical/Design Engineer with extensive experience designing prototypes as well as building and maintaining existing machines of diverse functionality. He takes a pro-active approach and is constantly seeking to increase efficiencies and improve productivity.
Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Martha Perry Morrissette

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Martha 's experience is concentrated in Human Resources. MARTHA PERRY MORRISSETTE has 25 years of work experience, with 6 years of management experience, including a mid-level position. She holds her SPHR Certification. Martha is adept in establishing and leading Human Resources practices and objectives. She is focused on the development and retention of an outstanding workforce. Martha has exceptional written and spoken communication skills and thrives as a knowledgeable resource to executive management team. She is a strategic thinker with long-term vision and a decisive leader who is problem-solver.

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