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Monday, 12 March 2012

Best Ice Breaker for Meetings

Posted by  Christopher Lihzis

Have you taken a look at my best one-word ice breaker[1] for meetings? I received and continue to receive such positive feedback about its usefulness that I wanted to bring it to your attention again.

This ice breaker for meetings is simple to use, sparks unending conversations, and can be massaged to fit almost any situation. Two readers used the one word ice breaker to open planning meetings. One asked the group to identify, in one word, how they saw their company in the future.

The second, and my favorite because it is a great substitute for the endless musings that can occur when you ask people what they want to get out of a meeting, is also just one word. The meeting leader asked participants to describe, in just one word, what they wanted to accomplish in the session. Mind you that the ensuing discussion is about much more than the one word, but it is proving a successful way to get conversations started.

Another example of a way to approach finding out and setting expectations about what people hope to accomplish in a meeting is to use an alternative question. I frequently use, "What is the one thing that has to happen in today's meeting for you to feel that you have wisely invested your time?"

Not conducive to a one word ice breaker, in my mind, it still generates some terrific conversations. And, that's the point of the most successful meeting ice breakers[2]. Right? Ice breakers start conversations and segue into the subject of the meeting. Thought about developing your own ice breakers? Here's how[3] to develop an ice breaker for your meetings.

Make your week great. The sun just broke out here in the forest in all of its spring glory, so I am smiling today. How about you? Are you smiling today, too?

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