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Social media networks are a major resource for both small and big businesses that are looking to promote their brands on the Internet. The platforms are easy to use and some of them even have paid advertising options for businesses that want to reach new audiences.

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Let’s face it, there are a lot of social networks out there and more are popping up every day. For a small business owner, that can get a little intimidating. If only there was an easy way to start getting involved in each. One little thing or activity that could help spur a future of more engaged results and interaction.

Why not start right here?

Below are five ways to ease your way into five different social networks.


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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sales Assistant

Our client is currently seeking a Sales Assistant. This is a full time, temporary to permanent position. The hours are 9:30 am -5:00 pm Monday-Friday. The salary will be $18/hour.

In this role you will provide support to the sales managers, sales representatives and marketing staff by maintaining effective communications and providing them with sales data, requested materials, and other relevant support services.

Duties for the Sales Assistant include:

  • Prepare, distribute, review and evaluate sales reports on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis as appropriate.
  • Maintain sales tracing and commissions sales database
  • Review distributor reports for trends and notify management of any unusual patterns
  • Maintain and update the company intranet and salesperson listing on a regular basis.
  • Become fully proficient in order processing and shipping documentation, especially with international orders.
  • Fulfill customer service duties
  • Assist with market research activities as needed
  • Report on market share and trends for current products
  • Conduct market analysis and build forecast models that will be used to create a business case to support decisions regarding investment in potential new product ideas
  • Provide administrative support to Marketing and/or Product Development in arrangement of focus groups
  • Answer incoming telephone calls and transfer calls to appropriate parties
  • Represent the company at various conventions as needed.
  • Attend annual sales meeting and managers meeting as required

Qualifications for the Sales Assistant include:

  • A minimum of an Associate's degree is preferred
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access
  • Experience with is a plus
  • Ability to speak, read, write and understand English well
  • Polished, professional manner with an ability to interact confidently with healthcare professionals, upper management, direct sales representatives and manufacturers' representatives, and outside consultants is required
  • Must be self-motivated and capable of setting priorities with a minimum of supervision.

Benefits: Health Insurance, Vacation, and Holiday Pay.

Employees come to work for The Alpha Group because they know we have the most clients in New England. We are a respected and reputable staffing firm. Our reputation of providing quality training and successful placements sets us apart from the competition.

Sometimes truly brilliant things are hidden in plain sight.

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The Facebook changes announced last week at the developers conference, and those in the weeks before, have major implications for the way employers use the site to brand themselves and build relationships with potential candidates and future hires.

Recruiters who now use Facebook exclusively or mostly to push out jobs will become even more marginalized by the increasing emphasis the social site is placing on engagement. Those who actively invest in courting their Facebook “fans,” offering content of value, and real conversations, will reap even greater rewards than they do now, earning their brand a place on user’s forthcoming Timelines, and the ability to broaden and measure their reach as visitors “Share” content with their own FB friends.


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