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Stop Smoking Today

When I was growing up smoking was discouraged and I was educated on how unhealthy smoking was for my health. Back then I wouldn’t have dared to have a cigarette. I knew it was something I shouldn’t ever start.

When I graduated high school in 2000 unfortunately something came over me and I started smoking cigarettes. Fast forward thousands of dollars later and many stinky shirts later and I was addicted to cigarettes and smoking a lot. After the birth of my first child, I realized that it had to stop. I started my journey to stop smoking. I tried everything pills, patches and even hypnosis. And while those things would work short term, eventually the urge would always come back and I found myself smoking again. Then, one day I quit. I smoked my last cigarette and made the decision to quit once and for all – and for me the only thing that would work is cold turkey. I have been successful for almost 15 years and am so grateful that I was able to give up the habit. For those of you out there looking to quit smoking – Congrats on taking the first step of recognizing the need to quit. Is the cold turkey the method for you? Who knows! Everyone is different! I don’t judge and nobody else should be judging either so long as we are working hard to better ourselves. The most important thing is the goal. The goal has to be the same day in and day out and that is to get rid of and stay clean away from cigarettes. I promise you this: The first THREE DAYS will be rough! But, getting through those first brutal three days can be done and the good news is that everything else is gravy and uphill from there.

I encourage anyone out there who is trying to quit, to keep trying. If you ever need someone to talk about smoking and how I stepped or ask me for helpful hints I found on my journey I am always here for you and can be reached by calling our office at 508-285-8500. If I can do it, you can do it!


Chris Lihzis