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Alpha Cares: August is Animal Health Month

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August Is…
Animal Health Month

During this month we will think about what we can do to help our own pets, along with other animals in shelters! Among cat owners, almost 50 percent did not take their cats to a veterinarian during 2011. Just like humans need yearly checkups and screenings, it is important that our animals go to the vet for checkups!

We can do a lot to give our furry friends a long and healthy life. This includes feeding them good food, giving them plenty of exercise, and spending time with them. In order to encourage animal health, the Alpha Group will be accepting donations to benefit the Attleboro Animal Shelter!

A donation bin will be located in the lobby of The Alpha Group during the whole month of August – please consider donating to the friends in Attleboro who are waiting to be adopted! If you can’t think of what to donate, take a look at some suggested items:

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