December Non-Profit Spotlight: The Matthew Mission

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December Non-Profit Spotlight - The Matthew Mission December Non-Profit Spotlight - The Matthew Mission Lori Narewski

The holiday season is a great time for those who want to give back to the community, bring comfort and joy to those less fortunate. It’s always wonderful to see how individuals and businesses go the extra mile to help those in need. Whether it’s donating to a food bank, adopting a child or family to give Christmas gifts to, or serving at a food shelter the generosity is plentiful. And there are some organizations who continue to distribute this generosity year-round. The Matthew Mission Resource and Advocacy Center in Taunton, Massachusetts is one of them.

The Matthew Mission “take(s) care of the homeless population (including veterans) and those in need,” connecting them with social service agencies, making referrals and guiding the individual through the process of getting “into programs such as shelter, rehabilitation, GED courses, job training, Social Security, and MassHealth.” In addition, they provide recipients with physical resources that so many of us take for granted: hygiene products, food, clothes to keep them warm in the winter, blankets and sleeping bags, and tents for shelter.

It only takes a quick glance on their Facebook page to see all The Matthew Mission does, including this time of year. For example, for the past six years they have been collecting for and providing needy teens with Christmas gifts.

Jen-with-Face-Mask-for-Matthew-Mission Face masks helping raise money for The Matthew Mission

The Alpha Group’s accounting manager, Jennifer Corby, has a special place in her heart for The Matthew Mission. This year she has been helping her neighbor, who made over 5000 masks and gave them away for free, support the organization. Any donations Jen’s neighbor has received for the masks has been given directly to The Matthew Mission and other organizations. Jen has donated materials for the masks, gotten the word out about them, and let people know, via Facebook, how they can help. Jennifer was “happy to be a part of it.”

Jen-Crocheting-for-Matthew-Mission Because everyone deserves to be warm

In addition to helping with the masks, Jennifer crochets hats, gloves, and scarfs for donation to The Matthew Mission. As the cold has now arrived in Massachusetts, these are a necessity, especially for the homeless. Jen’s neighbor, Mark (who is Matthew’s Mission director), is grateful for the support.

Jen-Crocheting-2-for-Matthew-Mission Crocheting with love and helping keep others warm

If you’re looking for a way to share with others, consider helping The Matthew Mission. Visit their Facebook page to learn more about what they’re doing and how you can help. This year you have until December 15th to get them gift cards for the teen adoptions for the holidays. Whether it’s now or in a couple months, the recipients will thank you!

Thank you, Mark and The Matthew Mission for all you do for our community!

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