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Practicing Mindfulness in the Workplace – Why It’s So Important

It’s one of those early Spring days where, after a stretch of dreary, cold weather, the sun is finally out. You step outside, turn your face to the big orange ball in the sky, and breath in deeply. For a minute, all you notice is the sensation of heat radiating on your face, the smell of the fresh, crisp air, and the sound of birds singing. You’re simply in the moment. If you have ever done this before, you were practicing mindfulness and may not have even realized it.

Why Contract Work May Be for You

You’re torn. During your job-hunting endeavors you come across a contract position that you know you possess all the required skills and qualifications. You want to apply but are hesitant because it’s a contract position.

5 Tips on Being a Successful Conversationalist

Was that really a two-way conversation?

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone where…?

…every time you started to say something, they cut you off with one more thing they wanted to say?

…you realized, when you finished the conversation, that all you had said during the past 30 minutes was, “uh huh,” “oh,” “interesting,” “really,” or something else along that line?

Body Language in Zoom Meetings (and In-Person)

Zoom fatigue. Why are so many of us experiencing it on a daily basis? Part of the reason video calls can be so draining is that our human nature of relying heavily on nonverbal cues to listen and assess information during meetings is challenged? Some studies suggest that 93% of communication is made up of nonverbal communication (body language and voice). How does this transfer to video meetings?

Top 10 Skills for Warehouse Workers

Which ones do you have? Which ones do you need to gain or strengthen?

Have you wondered what warehouse workers do and what skills they need? Are you thinking of applying for a warehouse position and wondering what skills and experience will help you get hired? Continue reading to find out.

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