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The Alpha Groups Policy Regarding Recreational Marijuana

The Alpha Group, Inc. has always been and will remain a drug-free workplace.

Effective December 15, 2016 Massachusetts law states that recreational marijuana will be a legal state law. Employers have the option to follow the Federal Law, as well as follow a chapter in the Massachusetts state law statute that includes an employment provision.

Our clients and candidates should be advised that despite the new laws changing throughout the state, our company policy is to remain in alignment with the Federal Laws which lists marijuana as a controlled substance.

The Alpha Group, Inc. will continue to administer a 13-panel drug screen to any and all light industrial candidates and will require a complete pass of that drug screen in order to be considered for employment through The Alpha Group, Inc.

We will continue to enforce a drug-free workplace. We will continue to perform random drug tests while employees are on assignment, and require an employee that is involved in a Worker’s Compensation related injury to pass a 13-panel drug screening on the same day - including the test for cannabis. Safety always has been and will always remain our number one priority!

We take this matter very seriously and understand there may be concerns. If there is anything we can do to help you further understand our position do not hesitate to contact our Human Resources Department.


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