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Eight Traits to Seek When Hiring for Your Tech Team

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With more than 18.5 million people hired via online job postings per year, according to a report on Statistic Brain, you may think that it is a simple process to bring in the right new hire to help your tech team grow. And while you may find a number of talented job seekers — people who check all the boxes on your core requirements list — it can be a lot harder to find someone who will be a perfect fit for your IT department.

Originally Published by: Forbes Technology Council

Looking for the right candidate requires an extensive understanding of what your tech team is really missing. You need to fill your open position with a skilled worker who not only adds value to your team, but also brings something new to the department.

That’s why members of Forbes Technology Council have shared eight traits to look for when making key hires for your tech team, in order to help you decide who gets an offer. Here's what they suggest looking for:

1. Passion To Succeed

Passion! It trumps domain knowledge, prestigious school credentials and even experience. Passion to succeed drives people to get things done in spite of adversities. - Rahul Tripathi, Micro Focus

2. Adaptability

Adaptability is a key trait I look for in new hires. Can they learn new things? Can they react appropriately in pressure situations? Do they use their time productively when support demand is slow? Are they interested in advancing their career? Adaptable people are typically very high performers and assets to my teams. - William Caraher, von Briesen & Roper, s.c.

3. Curiosity

Data science is a nascent field, so everything is an opportunity. Curiosity is the single most important trait that I look for. If people on my teams are not curious, then every stone goes unturned. - Haftan Eckholdt, Plated

4. Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the one trait I look for. An employee with self-discipline can adapt to anything. A highly skilled worker may have the exact skills the company needs at the moment, but if the direction of the company or technology changes and they don't have self-discipline, they won't adapt. An employee with high self-discipline is future proof. - Noah Gift, Noah Gift Consulting

5. Ability To Manage Change

IT changes on a very rapid cycle, so the trait I am looking for is the ability to rapidly assimilate new technologies and information. I make sure people I interview are technically skilled and qualified for the position through the screening process. Once they get to me, I am primarily focused on their ability to contribute to the culture and manage change effectively. - Jim Bradley, Trinity University

6. Communication Skills

When hiring, I try to look beyond candidates’ technology skill set or aptitudes for a more human trait — communication. As simple as it sounds, the ability to listen, ask probing questions and generally engage in conversation consistently emerges as the best indicator of not just success, but potential for growth. - Chris Rommel, VDC Research

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7. Character

Character, character, and then character: Skills can be learned, and experience can be built up, but an employee with no integrity who is walking inside your company can bring it down to its knees. I like to approach things in this way: Any skill that is acquirable is also subject to be outdated or forgotten. It is what a person has deep inside that will help the company flourish genuinely. - Shadi Zebian, TechGenies

8. Divergent Thinking

I look for a person who can examine a scenario and hypothetically play it forward from multiple angles. This approach provides evidence of a couple of desirable traits. One, the person probably attacks problems in a nonlinear fashion and understands unpredictability. Two, the prospect approaches problems by looking for multiple options/solutions, which in my experience optimizes results. - Mike Rucker, Ph.D., Active Wellness

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