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The Alpha Group's Top Candidates!

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The Alpha Group is proud to feature our current Top Candidates!

Each of these talented professionals in our network are currently looking for new opportunities, but cannot be found on regular job boards. Be sure to contact us if you think one of these Top Candidates could be the newest addition to your team!

Our first Top Candidate is a Warehouse Operations Supervisor with experience planning freight deliveries, building successful relationships with customers, and leading teams to meet monthly goals. This Candidate has excellent problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to make sound decisions that will optimize company productivity. Candidate 1 thrives in leadership roles, and would make an outstanding addition to a fast-paced, growing company where he can implement new procedures to help the team’s success.
Professional Highlights: Excellent computer skills; AS/400; knowledge of LTL Industry, hazardous materials, and DOT regulations; strong organizational and communication skills.

This Top Candidate is an experienced Customer Service Representative with a background in Sales and Marketing. Not only does this Candidate thrive in a fast-paced, goal-oriented environment, but has a proven track record of consistently developing client relationships to increase profitability and drive business results. Candidate 2 has worked in a Customer Service role to assist clients with ordering, logistics, and invoicing, as well as managing new sales leads, website development, and communications. Contact our Recruiters today to learn more about this Candidate!
Professional Highlights: SEO/Key Word optimization; blog creation and editing; account management; international sales support.

Our final Top Candidate has nearly 15 years of experience as a Supply Chain professional. Whether he is forecasting inventory targets, establishing team priorities and goals, or providing general MRP oversight, this Candidate is a results-driven leader. This Candidate also has a strong background working with a variety of manufacturers to support startup phases and mature production mode. His collaborative approach to working with Finance, Engineering, and Purchasing teams make him an outstanding team mate. Don’t miss out on the possibility of adding this Candidate to your company! 
Professional Highlights: Strategic planning; budget development; strategy development for meeting critical KPIs.

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