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The Alpha Group's October Top 3 Candidates!

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The Alpha Group is proud to feature our current Top Three Candidates for the month of October!

Each of these talented professionals in our network are currently looking for new opportunities, but cannot be found on regular job boards. Be sure to contact us if you think one of these Top Candidates could be the newest addition to your team - staff accountant, corporate trainer, or warehouse supervisor!

CANDIDATE 1: Staff Accountant
This experienced staff accountant has worked with CRO's and financial executives throughout her career. Her keen eye for detail is an imperative skill set for anyone in an accounting capacity and she exceeds standards. Her skill set includes maintaining financial reports and records, maintaining general ledgers, preparing and analyzing budgets, and performing general bookkeeping. This candidate has been instrumental in mergers and acquisitions. She has mastered MS Excel and works smoothly in ERP systems. This candidate is available for contract work, as well as direct placement.

CANDIDATE 2: Corporate Trainer
This candidate is a diverse corporate trainer, who holds a master's degree. She is a critical thinker who can develop material that will help employees understand the subject being taught. This candidate has the ability to speak interpersonally with individuals and present information to groups of employees in clear and concise manners. She brings motivation and teaches needed skill sets to enable employees to develop and grow while helping the organization. From entry level worker training to training on new management strategies to overall process improvement training, the results form this candidate's training will be added value to any company.

CANDIDATE 3: Warehouse Supervisor
Our final Top Candidate is a warehouse supervisor by title, but by definition is a leader. He is someone who ensures timely work and quality product is consistent and above expectation. This candidate, through experience, can maintain and oversee inventory and supplies, monitor incoming and outgoing shipments, and implements procedures and best work practices. In addition, this candidate communicates with his team to draw upon workers' best skills, all while fostering an environment of growth and challenge they align with the company goals. This candidate is available for contract work or direct placements, and is open to first and second shift.



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