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What is Payrolling? And Why Would a Company Use It?

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Payrolling is different from the payroll processing services most of us are familiar with - where you process payroll checks for your employees or outsource the service to a third-party. Payrolling an employee - is a cost-effective option, with lower company payroll risks! Read on, to learn more about Payrolling Services and how your company could benefit from it...

What is Payrolling Service?

Employee payrolling service is a cost-effective option, with less risk than placing an employee on your payroll. It provides you the flexibility to hire a candidate and ensure they are the perfect fit for your company before placing them on your payroll. It also provides you with a cost-saving option when hiring individuals who will only work for your company for a short period of time, such as contract or temporary employees.

It's easy and simple for you. When you use Alpha's Payroll Services you choose the staff and we take it from there.  

Alpha becomes the employer of record and assumes all the liabilities and risks that go along with having someone on their payroll, while saving you time and money. We handle all aspects of the hiring and on-boarding processes, as well as serve as the legal employer of record for as long as you need - until your employee's contract is completed or you choose to put them permanently on your own payroll. This is 'payrolling' through Alpha's Payroll Services.

Top 6 Reasons to Use The Alpha Group's Payrolling Services:

  • Cost Savings: Decrease Workman's Comp, SUI, and other variable costs, by taking advantage of the low costs Alpha has. In addition, Alpha's Employee Payroll Service fees are considerably less than temp and direct hire fees.
  • Reduction of Administrative Costs and Staff: Your human resource and payroll departments have enough on their plates. By allowing us to take care fo the payroll for your contract and trial-period employees you free up those departments' time to tend to other business needs and responsibilities.
  • Contract / Project-Based Work: Enjoy the benefits of hiring contract and temporary employees, without incurring the payroll costs.
  • Trial Period / Probationary Period: Provide new employees with a probationary period at a lower cost and without incurring the risks.
  • Risk Reduction: When a 'payrolled' employee doesn't work out, your unemployment costs and risks are absorbed by The Alpha Group, not your company.
  • Hire Before Background Check Is Complete: Have an employee begin immediately, while you're waiting for the background check to come back. Once they've cleared you can bring them onto your payroll, if you choose.

Who's Responsible for What When Using The Alpha Group's Payroll Service?

YOU: When you contract with The Alpha Group's Payroll Services YOU...

  • Search for and interview the employee(s) you want to hire.
  • Contact The Alpha Group and provide them with the following: employee's name, length of 'payrolled' assignment, candidate's rate of pay, and other required information..

ALPHA: WE take it from there, providing the following:

Our standard fee includes:

  • Onboarding (at Alpha's office or at your site)
    • Application processing
    • W-4'I-9
    • E-Verify
  • Payroll Administration
    • Issuing employee paychecks
    • Administrative reporting and tracking
    • Payroll tax withholding
    • Unemployment expenses
    • Workers' Comp Insurance
    • Employer Taxes (FICA, FUTA, SUTA)
    • Issue W-2

For an additional fee we also offer:

  • Criminal background check
  • Substance abuse testing
  • Previous employment verification
  • Education verification


What Are Some Examples of An Employer Benefitting From Payrolling Services?

You may be thinking, "This sounds like a good idea, but who actually uses Payroll Services?" Consider the following scenarios, thinking how each one could benefit from our Payroll Services.

Hiring Scenario #1: 90-Day Trial

You have gone through the employee search process and found an individual you think will be the perfect employee. Before assuming the risk of putting them on your company's payroll you have a 90-day trial period. At the end of the 90-days you will decide whether they will come onboard with your company permanently. If you could have Alpha be the employer of record during the trial period you would save your company money while minimizing your payroll risk.

Hiring Scenario #2: 120-Day Project

You have a project where you need to hire three employees for four months. At the ned of the four months the employees' contract with your company end. You have found the employees you are ready to hire. A couple are even be former employees you want to bring back temporarily for this specific project. You don't want to place them on your company's payroll, since it's short-term and will cost too much money and could increase your payroll risk. 

Hiring Scenario #3: Waiting for Background Checks

You've hired an employee and need them to start asap. Before you can put them on your payroll you need to complete their background check. If you could just have them on someone else's payroll until the background check is back, they could start immediately.

Alpha's Payrolling Services Can Help: They're Cost Effective and Reduce Your Payroll Risk

All of the above scenarios are situation where using a payroll service would effectively solve a hiring problem.

Alpha continues to constantly deliver the highest quality payroll service and conduct business with high integrity, professionalism, and constantly strives to exceed our client's needs. If you think your company could benefit from Alpha's Payroll Services, contact us today at 508-285-8500.

The Alpha Group is here to work for you!


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