Thursday, 12 March 2020

Letter to The Alpha Group Employees: Coronavirus (COVID-19 )

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March 12, 2020


To: All Employees

We, at The Alpha Group, Inc., understand your concern about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and our hearts go out to all of you who've been touched by this in your lives.

We want to keep our employees healthy and safe. Please think about washing your hands many times during the day, using hand sanitizer, and coughing or sneezing into your sleeves or tissue. Be aware of your co-works and your teams to ensure that anyone is cooperating and taking the necessary steps to keep your environment free of germs. Follow regular cleaning practices using a disinfectant formulated to kill the coronavirus.

We will continue to refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and other public health agencies to determine the safest course of action for all of our employees.

For the latest information about coronavirus, we encourage you to visit the link below: 

At The Alpha Group, Inc. we truly care about your health and well-being. We value you as an employee, particularly during these challenging times, and we thank you for your commitment and for being part of our team.

Stay Positive and Be Well!

Lory Taylor

Human Resources Director

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