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Alpha Top Candidates for October and November

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Check out The Alpha Group's Top 4 Candidates for October/November

Let us introduce you to Alpha's Top Candidates for October / November! Are you still searching for the perfect match for your company? Check out the following candidates who could be your next new hire!

October/November Candidate 1

Fall River, MA

If you are searching for an all-around administrative support who will keep office operations running smoothly, Candidate 1 is the administrative assistant to consider.

She effectively communicates via phone and email, ensuring all administrative assistant duties are completed accurately, in a timely manner, and meets high quality standards.

She is professional, polite, and attentive. Her above average software skills in MS Office allows her to keep excellent records, create and maintain spreadsheets and presentations, as well as processing data.

Candidate 1 would make her an excellent asset to any organization. Be sure to contact us if you think Sandra could be the perfect fit for your company!

October/November Candidate 2

Westford, MA

Do you need a true problem solver who is heavily experienced in production processes within the skilled labor manufacturing fields? Candidate 2 may be who you are looking for.

Candidate 2 is a hands-on supervisor who is accustomed to spending her time on the shop floor, working alongside production operators to ensure quality output.

She has strong exposure to QA and QC techniques and understands and works to achieve process improvement. Her problem-solving attributes allow her to be solid at investigating and resolving customer issues and / or complaints, while working to improve processes that create the best possible product output.

Contact us to learn more on how Candidate 2 can be a great addition to your team!

October/November Candidate 3

Norwood, MA

Candidate 3 is your candidate if you are looking for an individual with finance and accounting experience, as well as administrative, clerical, and billing and collections.

Throughout Candidate 3’s career he has consistently worked in roles requiring extreme attention to detail. His knowledge ranges from payables processing to financial analysis, and everything in between.

As a quick study he is able to quickly grasp concepts and processes and is known for hitting the ground running from day one.

Be sure to contact us if you think Candidate 3 could be the perfect fit for your company!

October/November Candidate #4

Franklin, MA

Is your company looking for an IT professional with a can-do attitude, strong sense of discipline and dedication, as well as diverse experience in management of various technical projects? If you are, you may want to consider Candidate 4.

His unique combination of leadership abilities, professional education and certifications, and practical experience will be an immediate benefit to your organization.

Contact our Recruiting Department to learn more about Candidate 4’s skills and attributes or move forward with the hiring process!

Are you interested in any of these candidates? Do you have as specific opening you need filled? Call us – we’d love to help you!

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