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MORE Alpha Top Candidates for November

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FOUR MORE of Alpha Top Candidates for November

We couldn't wait until December to introduce you to FOUR MORE of Alpha's Top Candidates! Check out the following candidates who could be the perfect match for your company and your next new hire!

November Candidate 1

South Shore, MA

Are you looking for a Software Developer with Full Stack Developer experience? If you are, this is the candidate to consider. 

He excels at data management. He regularly speaks with clients and produces custom work for them upon request. As new machines come into the production, Candidate 1 writes, tests, de-bugs and transfers the files from the old programs to the new programs via extensive software writing.

His strengths include his program and technical skills, ability to communicate professionally with external customers - both directly and on team meeting calls, understanding of urgency when completing assignments, and the ability to work well independently while communicating regularly with internal departments.

Be sure to contact us if you think this candidate could be the perfect fit for your company!

November Candidate 2

Franklin, MA

Does a Purchasing candidate who is a fast learner with proven adaptability to new technologies and applications, and who is willing to go above and beyond the job description sound like the type of employee you would like to hire? Then Candidate 2 may be who you are looking for.

She has experience in purchasing, procurement, inventory control, and supply chain and purchasing, as well as exposure to administrative capacities.

In addition to being an experienced materials buyer and inventory manager, she also has a background as a purchasing specialist with a specialty in data and importing forecasting, drop shipping, and working with inside rep, outside reps, and vendors.

Contact us to learn more on how Candidate 2 can be a great addition to your team!

November Candidate 3

North Attleboro, MA

Candidate 3 is your candidate if you are looking for a purchasing professional with a passion for on-time deliveries and happy customers.

Throughout his career he has consistently focused on corporate profitability, being known for stopping potential costly setbacks by implementing solutions through the purchasing process. 

He is attentive to the company’s overall success, high standards, professional image, and economic conditions while maintaining a positive disposition.

Whether working on a team or as an individual he delivers a strong work ethic. Be sure to contact us if you think Candidate 3 could be the perfect fit for your company!

November Candidate 4

Framingham, MA

Is your company looking for an IT professional with 11 years of management experience? If you are, you may want to consider Candidate 4. 

He is an accomplished and results-focused IT manager with progressive experience in all phases of the development life cycle. His motto is, “Technology changes – but my focus never does." In addition, he possesses strong technical management, project leadership, and communications skills, as well as a focus on establishing partnerships.

His proven ability to act in various roles to ensure the team’s success in delivering business objectives will be an immediate benefit to your organization. 

Contact our Recruiting Department to learn more about Candidate 4’s skills and attributes or move forward with the hiring process!

Are you interested in any of these candidates? Do you have as specific opening you need filled? Call us – we’d love to help you!

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