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Before You Make a Job Offer, Consider...

I'm working on more new rejection letters[1], (see more rejection letters[2]), to go hand-in-hand with today's new article about the factors to consider before making a job offer.

I've written about recruiting and hiring from every angle imaginable, but I am currently revamping my recruiting and hiring email class[3] and found a serious missing component.

When everything is said and done, how do you decide which qualified candidate will receive your job offer? Your interview team has responsibly interviewed qualified candidates and they may even have asked their favorites back for a second and third interview.

At this stage, all remaining candidates are eligible for your job offer. So how does the selection team decide? Take a look at the seven critical factors[4] a selection team must consider before making a job offer.

These factors may help you redefine how you plan your recruiting[5] and the questions you ask[6] during your candidate interviews. Because, based on my experience, the chances are good that you're not currently getting the responses you need to answer these seven critical questions before you make a job offer[7].

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