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FOUR MORE of Alpha Top Candidates for November

We couldn't wait until December to introduce you to FOUR MORE of Alpha's Top Candidates! Check out the following candidates who could be the perfect match for your company and your next new hire!

Check out The Alpha Group's Top 4 Candidates for October/November

Let us introduce you to Alpha's Top Candidates for October / November! Are you still searching for the perfect match for your company? Check out the following candidates who could be your next new hire!

4 Tips on Keeping Business Running Smoothly During An Employee Leave of Absence

(Written by Lori Narewski)

As 2021 is rapidly approaching so is the start date of PFML (Personal Family Medical Leave) for all Massachusetts' businesses. As an employer, in addition to being aware of your responsibilities – which you can find on the Mass.gov website, you should also have a game plan to ensure all business continues to run as usual during your employee’s absence. In fact, a plan should be in place for any employee's extended absence.

How to Successfully Bring Back Employees as States Reopen

Are you tired of hearing the words "COVID-19" and "coronavirus," as well as the phrases "the new normal" and "getting back to business?" We are too! But, being in the staffing industry there are times we must use them. Assisting employers with finding employees - now that they are "getting back to business" or increasing business - is one of those times when we find ourselves communicating with these terms. After all, reality is, it is because of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the CARES Act that employers are facing the current staffing challenge.

The Legalization of Marijuana and the Impact It Has On the Workforce

Are you an employer who currently drug tests your employees? Is your business located in a state that has legalized marijuana for medical and / or recreational use? How has this impacted your company's hiring practices?

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