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Are you interested in involving a team of employees to interview and select your next candidate? One of my readers wrote and asked about an interview checklist. I realized that ...
Maybe it's the changing season, but I have had several emails in the past week about how to hold difficult conversations with annoying employees.You know the employees I mean. Perhaps ...
Need tips for mandatory Human Resources training? An HR Manager at a client company sent an email to all executives and managers asking them to save a three hour block ...
Have you taken a look at my best one-word ice breaker for meetings? I received and continue to receive such positive feedback about its usefulness that I wanted to bring ...Read Full Post
From lies to lack of preparation, poor attitude, and insincerity, you can pick up on signs and collect evidence during an interview that the potential employee is not for you. ... Read Full Post
In the day-to-day business world, we go about a number of important things backwards.Aside from March Madness, which is occupying a lot of time and conversation this week, I've been ...Read Full Post
Six Disciplines studied what high performance organizations do, in contrast with low performing organizations. They found a number of factors that stood out as most significant. In fact, they found that high performing organizations scored much higher in each of these key areas:...Read Full Post
In a recent PR pitch, I was given statistics that indicated that the average employee in the average workplace has no confidence that his or her senior leadership team knows ...Read Full Post
If you have read this site for any time, you know that I am a fierce advocate of periodically assessing your goals and direction. You deserve more than a purposeless life....Read Full Post
In an economic climate in which lower wage increases prevail and employers seek to provide affordable rewards and recognition for their employees, a focus on employee's and family members' vision is a low cost perk. Are you getting the best benefit from the benefits you offer? And, what better time to pay attention to employee vision than March
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