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Are you flustered, flummoxed and flabbergasted that 2013 is already halfway over? Some updates moving forward for Workplace-laws-and-legal-issues-you-need-to-know

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Some 115,000 new jobs were added to the economy in April, primarily due to increases in service sector employment. Still, the April jobs report showed fewer new jobs than expected, according to CNBC.

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In August 2017, an Act Further Regulating Employer Contributions to Health Care was signed into law, temporarily changing the existing employer medical assistance contribution and creating a temporary supplemental contribution, among other things. The final regulations implementing the law were just released by the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA), and could financially impact your organization.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their Jobs Report for March 2018 on April 6th. Notable trends included a steady unemployment rate of 4.1%, as well as increased employment within the manufacturing, mining, and health care fields.

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Employers in Massachusetts will need to remove rate of pay and salary questions from their  job applications to comply with the new law.

Changes to the Law on Leave for Veterans
By Michael C. Birch of HRW October 24, 2018

On August 28, 2018, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed into law An Act Relative to Veterans Benefits, Rights, Appreciation, Validation and Enforcement (the “BRAVE Act”). The BRAVE Act goes into effect on November 7, 2018. Among other things, the law changes the requirements for employers to grant leave to veterans on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

The old law, which only went into effect in 2016, required employers to grant veterans time off on Veterans Day and Memorial Day to participate in an exercise, parade, or service in their community. The law also required employers with 50 or more employees to pay veterans for leave taken on Veterans Day.

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Find out What's Out and What's In for 2018. From updated I-9 documents to pets in the workplace, we're sharing some of the biggest trends you can expect in the coming year!

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If you have a successful business, you’ll likely have great reviews from customers in person and online. But how is your company’s reputation affected when you receive a bad review?

How reliant are you on technology? The answer is probably “very” regardless of your age, but if you’re a millennial, you’re likely even more dependent. Millennials don’t know a world without the Internet, and it’s second nature for them. We use technology to order our food, buy pretty much everything, and even find romantic partners.

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