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Mismanaged supply chain decisions sent manufacturing overseas. But the industry has changed direction.


Online job boards are the easiest way to attract new applicants to your open positions. But, finding the perfect match for your company goes deeper than just selecting a resume.

It’s an employee’s market, so you need The Alpha Difference. Download below! 


A recent and very extensive survey by Universum, the employer branding firm, (reported in Forbes) surveyed 1,200 of the world’s leading employers to find out exactly what personal qualities today’s big businesses are looking for in candidates. They were asking employers what they were looking for and equally what they were failing to find; so, this survey is a great up-to-the -minute snapshot of what qualities candidates must exhibit to raise the eyebrows of employers and make it through the sift and interview process. So, what were these elusive qualities?

Many companies are starting to reevaluate the traditional hiring process. After all not only is the traditional process long, but it can be surprisingly inefficient. A great way employers are looking to update and shorten this process is with video interviews.

Are you using social media to screen candidates for your latest job vacancy, or even before inviting them in for an interview?

Millennials and work ethic. While the debate rages on between the generations one thing remains certain. This generation, set to be the most educated in history, is moving into the workforce and even as we study how they work, why they work, and the best way to make use of their considerable skills, we need to learn what all this means to those recruiting and hiring them. Recruiters, hiring managers and HR pros take note, these are the statistics and what they mean when hiring millennials.

Hey, did you hear there are millions of unfilled jobs, right here in these United States, because there is a gap between what employers want and need, and the skills job candidates have to offer?

One of the biggest challenges that your business faces is the challenge of finding qualified employees to fill your company needs. This challenge can be compounded when looking for individuals to fill temporary staffing needs. There are considerable costs that are incurred in connection with this. Using a temp staffing agency can help to reduce these costs.

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