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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development Department of Unemployment Assistance has provided a list of frequently asked questions to help explain the new EMAC Supplement. Feel free to download the attachment below to read more, or view it at www.mass.gov.

Give ‘Em a Break: Employees Want Their Lunch Break Back

Even though employees value lunch breaks, many don’t take them. What can employers do to address this and make sure their workforce is energized in the afternoon?

Minimum wage

Date                                Standard Minimum Wage              Tipped Minimum Wage

January 1, 2019           $12.00                                                $4.35

January 1, 2020           $12.75                                                $4.95

January 1. 2021           $13.50                                                $5.55

January 1, 2022           $14.25                                                $6.15

January 1, 2023           $15.00                                                $6.75

How reliant are you on technology? The answer is probably “very” regardless of your age, but if you’re a millennial, you’re likely even more dependent. Millennials don’t know a world without the Internet, and it’s second nature for them. We use technology to order our food, buy pretty much everything, and even find romantic partners.

If you have a successful business, you’ll likely have great reviews from customers in person and online. But how is your company’s reputation affected when you receive a bad review?