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People First

Better Staffing.

Meeting YOUR specific staffing needs, every time.

We work hard for our client partners. Very hard. More importantly, we know you work hard — so we won't waste your valuable time and resources. We focus all our attention on meeting, and exceeding, your staffing needs.  We understand your day moves quickly, and although you have a position to fill, you don’t always have the time to scan though that stack of resumes on your desk. That’s where we come in.

Better Jobs.

Full Time. Part Time. We help you find opportunities.

We understand that it’s just as important for you to find the right employer as it is for the right employer to find you. We are a dedicated team of hard-working professionals driven to help fellow hard-working professionals seek career opportunity and advancement.  More importantly, we do what we say we’re going to do—we’ll get to know you. You and your valuable skill sets are more than just resume filler to us. We work hands on with every applicant to elicit career goals, job related skills, personality traits, and specialized training that would cohesively match our client’s needs.

Better Partner.

Matching great employers and employees in Southeastern MA.

The Alpha Group is one of the largest independently owned staffing services in Massachusetts. Client companies, ranging in size from single ownership to those with Fortune 1000 status, recognize our commitment to excellence in providing Human Resource services. Likewise, entry-level to experienced job seekers recognize our ability to identify with their goals and career objectives. The perfect employee matched with the perfect employer — that’s our inspiration.

Better Training.

Be More Desirable.

Looking to advance your career? Want to train your employees for success? One thing that makes The Alpha Group unique compared to other staffing firms is our dedication and commitment to making you the most desirable client to work for or candidate to hire. Would a coach throw a player into the game without the proper practice first? Hardly. And neither would we. The Alpha Group proudly offers a computer education center aimed at providing personal service and flexibility to our client companies, field employees and applicants.